The Story

The good witch Eliza has been cast out of her land and, without her presence, the world is getting stranger and stranger. Sheep are peculiar, skeletons are vicious, and there’s something wrong with diamonds. The evil witch Azile lurks in a castle in a far corner of the world surpassed in power only by the great and vicious giant who lives in a castle in the sky.

Can you, intrepid adventurer, fortify yourself enough to defeat both Azile and the Giant? There are treasures hidden in the world to help you. From the magic weapons of the Three Musketeers to the long-forgotten enchantments of Eliza’s armourer and rocket boots, if you look hard enough. Quest around the world, gather your supplies, and free the land from the tyranny of these evil creatures. And watch out for cows…

Connecting to the Server

This is a Minecraft Java server, so you have to use the Minecraft Java client on a PC or Mac. (You cannot reach it from XBox, Playstation, or other devices). Then you join a new server.

The server name is and the port is 25568. We are running Minecraft 1.16.4.

Join us on our discord server if you want to talk about it, get hints, give suggestions, or just hang out.

How Busy is the Server?

Hints about the World

A lot of this world will work exactly as you expect a survival-mode Minecraft server to work.
But look out for eccentric and interesting features that will help (or hinder!) you on your quest.

Talk to Her

Eliza is always listening. If you talk and write Eliza as the first word of your sentence, you will probably get her attention. The years spent out of her realm have made her a bit senile. You might get some strange responses.


Be sure to mine well and make strong armour and weapons. There are some impressive battles to fight. Not everything you find will be helpful, though. Be wary.

Hunt for the Challenges

They’re hidden around the map, not very close to spawn. Even some of Eliza’s magic potions have survived.

Magical Stuff and Things!

You will find magical weapons as rewards for challenges, and you’ll also find villagers who trade them. Be sure to explore far and wide, but all the special stuff is in the overworld.

Beware the Sacred Button

There is, hidden in the world, a button so secret and so sacred that if you dare to push it, Eliza will cast you out of the world instantly!

Mind the Cat

Cats are clever and important. Be friendly to them and don’t molest them (You’ll regret it!). The black cats are, naturally, Eliza’s favourite. So be extra nice to them.

About Us

Human Details

Nicholas and Paco Hope spent much of March 2021 building this server. Nicholas does all the command blocks and Minecraft coding. Paco runs the server, network, and operating system stuff.

Minecraft Details

For those who care about such things, we’re running Minecraft 1.16.4 with Amazon Corretto 11. We’re using:

  • Spigot
  • WorldEdit v7.2.0
  • WorldGuard v7.0.4

Server Details

The server runs MineOS running on Turnkey Linux. That’s one VM of many on a system that uses xcp-ng as its hypervisor.